Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Chaco War

Chaco WarYesterday we went to an exhibition in Cochabamba about the Chaco war. This war lasted from 1932-1935 and was the largest and bloodiest war of the twentieth century in South America.


Last Friday night we went to a tango night at the mARTadero. The mARTadero is an old slaughterhouse (matadero) which is no longer used as such but is used now for all kinds of ART forms. Regularly there are music performances, lectures, workshops on photography and web design, theater, etc.

Talent Night

Tonight we went to a  ‘talent night’ in our church (Palabra de Fe). This was the second time such a night was organized. The first one we have not seen, so we were very curious what would be done.

Water in Cochabamba and Bolivia|Start Petition

This post is my contribution for Blog Action Day 2010 (October 15, 2010), a day in which many people around the world blog about the same subject. The subject this year is water. As I already wanted to write something about the water(supply) in Cochabamba this is an excellent opportunity to do it now.