Vuurvlindersingel 27


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Public transportation

From Utrecht Central Station you can reach us by train to the Leidsche Rijn station, or by bus 28 or 37.
From the Leidsche Rijn station you walk towards the Jumbo supermarket on the Brusselplein, and then continue to the Grauwaertsingel, cross the bridge to the André Voltenlaan, and continue along the green line on the map. It is about a 15 minute walk from the station. Or rent a public transport bicycle (OV-fiets).
With bus 28 from Utrecht Centraal (direction Parkwijk/Vleuterweide) get off at the Korianderstraat bus stop at Leidsche Rijn College (a large black building). Then continue in the direction in which the bus continues and turn right after the school. On the Monarchvlinderlaan, turn left until the Parelmoervlinder (follow the blue line on the map). Walk down the Parelmoervlinder and you will arrive at the Vuurvlindersingel. A little to the left you will see our house (the green one).
With bus 37 from Utrecht Central get off at the Grauwaertsingel at the Jan Wolkerssingel bus stop. Cross the bridge to the André Voltenlaan and continue along the green line on the map.

It is also possible to get off at Vleuten train station and take bus 28 which goes in the opposite direction. You can also get off the bus at Leidsche Rijn College (see above). Or slightly shorter: one bus stop earlier (Eerste Westerparklaan). Cross the bus lane to Eerste Westerparklaan, then turn right at Monarchvlinderlaan, turn left at Bladvlinder and then you are on Vuurvlindersingel. Turn right and continue until the third bridge on the left.

Bicycle from Utrecht

Take the Vleutenseweg in the direction of Vleuten. You cross the canal via the yellow bridge. After about 200 meters turn left towards the Pathé Cinema (the large red building). Continue the bicycle path going down, cross the bridge, then straight ahead until the Vuurvlindersingel starts on the left. Follow this until the third bridge. On the right you see our house (the green one). See the green line on the map.

Car (the blue routes on the map)

From Downtown Utrecht:
Take the Vleutenseweg in the direction of Vleuten. You cross the canal via the yellow bridge direction Vleuten. You pass Leidsche Rijn Station (on your right). Turn left at the second traffic light (about 500 meters past the station) onto Belcampostraat. DO NOT follow the Parkwijk signs. Here is the high fire brigade (BRANDWEER) building. At the end of Belcampostraat, turn right onto Vuurvlindersingel. Follow this all the way (with a large bend) until you arrive at number 27 on the left.

From Vleuten:
Take the Vleutensebaan in the direction of Utrecht. Turn right at the fire brigade (BRANDWEER) building to the Belcampostraat. Continue as in the previous paragraph.

From De Meern/Veldhuizen:
Follow the Burgemeester Middelweerdbaan in the direction of Parkwijk. At the second roundabout, turn left onto ‘t Zand. Take the first street on the right (Tweede Westerparklaan). Turn left at the end of the street and then right into the Wapendragervlinder. The Vuurvlindersingel is located at the end of this after a winding. Take the right-hand branch and drive until you arrive at number 27 on the left.

From Terwijde:
Go somewhere under the railway line to the Vleutensebaan.
Follow the route from Vleuten or the route from the North below.

From the North (Amsterdam):
Take exit 7 on the A2 and follow the signs to Leidsche Rijn Centrum. After the railway underpass, immediately turn right at the traffic light, then turn left at the traffic light. Turn left at the next traffic light at the fire brigade (BRANDWEER) building (see the route from downtown Utrecht above).

From the west:
On the A12, take the exit De Meern (no. 15). Go left under the viaduct and turn right towards Langerak. At the roundabout, turn left onto Oudenrijnseweg. Continue until the end (on the way another roundabout and a bridge). At the traffic light turn right to the Langerakbaan. Turn left at the next traffic light to the shopping center Parkwijk on the Houtrakgracht and continue straight ahead until you can’t anymore and then turn right (Tweede Oosterparklaan). Take the first left (Melissekade) and continue, cross the bus lane and go through the park. Continue until the Vuurvlindersingel. Then turn right and continue until the third bridge on the left. Arrive at number 27, the green house.

From the south (A2):
Take exit 8 (Utrecht Centrum).
[A] At the traffic light, do not go to Utrecht Centrum, but turn left to Langerak. Then immediately turn right and continue to follow this road until just before the tunnel. Turn left before the tunnel and follow this road until you see Leidsche Rijn College (a black building) on ​​your right. Turn right here and drive past the school. At the end of the street, turn left onto Monarchvlinderlaan, turn right at the Parelmoervlinder. Drive down the Parelmoervlinder and turn left at the end to the Vuurvlindersingel. A little further at the bridge you see our house on the right (the green one).

From the east (Arnhem, Amersfoort, Hilversum):
Take the A12. At the Oudenrijn junction, take the exit toward Amsterdam (A2). Do not take the main lane, but take the parallel lane (Ring Utrecht West), direction Utrecht Centrum (exit 8). Continue like [A] above.