Midi2text (mf2t & t2mf)

In 1991 I wrote two small programs to convert a Standard Midifile to a textual format (mf2t), and the other way around (t2mf). In the following years I made some improvements. The program was used on MS-DOS, the Atari ST, and Unix. Other people ported it to the Amiga, Windows-XP, and MacOSX. However, i didn’t pay much attention anymore, because my Midi-compatible keyboard broke down, and my newer computers didn’t have Midi capabilities.

However, now I have decided to pick the project up again, and to clean it up and make all the different versions into a new one. The source code can be found at https://github.com/pietvo/midi2text

For the time being, I have collected different binaries that I am putting here to be downloaded. Each version is a Zip file with both mf2t and t2mf binaries and possibly some documentation in it.

These programs are command line programs. A graphical user interface for Windows, Linux and MacOS will be released later.

The versions marked with (*) are not fully up to date with the latest source code, because I don’t have compilers for these platforms. This means that not all options are functional, and there may be some small bugs left.