Talent Night

Tonight we went to a  ‘talent night’ in our church (Palabra de Fe). This was the second time such a night was organized. The first one we have not seen, so we were very curious what would be done. There were a number of other churches present (4 I believe) that had also contributors. There was much music and dance (including hip hop and street dance according to Cary). Small pieces of theater and drama. There was a video made by a family about one of Jesus’ parables, the parable of the banquet where the first invitees would not come, and then the people of the street were invited. I found it very impressive. In a few weeks they will have available a DVD of it. At the end there was a fashion show with clothes designed by one of the women from the church. There were a lot young people that contributed. The youngest one was 4 years, and many were just teens or in their early twenties. All in all it was a very nice evening. It is planned to have another one next year.