Last Friday night we went to a tango night at the mARTadero. The mARTadero is an old slaughterhouse (matadero) which is no longer used as such but is used now for all kinds of ART forms. Regularly there are music performances, lectures, workshops on photography and web design, theater, etc. Friday started  a series of meetings about tango (9 dias de tango = 9 days of tango). This first night there was music and dancing. Next week there are lectures, films and tango lessons. The nice thing about the mARTadero is that the events are usually small and informal so you have more contact with the artists. This time there was one musician, a guitarist who played various tangos. Before he started and during the break, tango music was played through the sound system. The room was partly set up as a bar and the people that were sitting at the tables were being served. After the break there was also a couple dancing the tango, accompanied by the same musician. All in all it was a nice and successful evening. Officially the evening began at 19.30 but in the usual Bolivian way it was 8 o’clock before it began. Because I’m home only at 7 o’clock we had not eaten before. Therefore afterwards, we had a Mexican dinner on a terrace at the Prado.