Hello World, Hello 2008

I decided to give my private website a new look and a new function. The original look was nothing to boast about (see the original page) and its only function was to show some photos during our travels. So I decided to start a new look and a new contents, actually a new website but still on the same location.

This also gives me the opportunity to share some thoughts and information about various subjects, both personal and professional. I have therefore chosen to give the site the form of a weblog. I use WordPress with a nice theme (Tiga) that I customized for my own use, mainly the color, which is close to the color of our new house, and multilinguality. For the latter I use the Gengo plugin, in an alpha version that is compatible with WordPress 2.3.2. I will mainly write in English and Dutch, maybe later also in Spanish.

I have also a work-related website at the university where I work as a lecturer. It should contain information about the courses I give and similar stuff (but it also needs an overhaul).

I teach computer science, mainly network-related subjects. Moreover I am a big fan of LaTeX and Python, so I hope to write something about these subjects too.

On the personal side I would like to write about faith and politics, amongst other things.