WordPress upgrade

About a week ago I upgraded my WordPress installation. Before I forget how it went I want to describe it here.

Sexism in computing

Quote (+1)

The entire programming community has a kind of endemic sexism — or at least an almost complete lack of sensitivity to the concerns of women — that arises from being an overwhelmingly male-dominated profession in a sexist culture. Too many male programmers seem to have no interest in accommodating women, and far too many of the rest are unwilling to speak up about it.

Matthew Boeh, April 25, 2009 on Dyepot, Teapot

Cary’s Apple Muffins

These apple cakes (muffins) are low fat and low cholesterol. Instead of butter they contain a little vegetable oil.

Bad interaction between Tiga theme and Gengo plugin

Suddenly Gengo doesn’t work anymore with the Tiga theme. When I deactivate Gengo it works. With Gengo and another theme it works. But with the Tiga theme and Gengo activated it doesn’t work: the pages are empty. Apparently somewhere php crashes then.

For the time being I decided to switch off Gengo.

Sending non-ASCII text in emails with Emacs and VM

I use Emacs to do a lot of work, not only editing files. For example all my email reading and writing I do with Emacs, as well as reading Usenet newsgroups. For email I use VM (viewmail) rather than the standard RMAIL.

One problem that popped up when we got the Euro as a currency was that VM couldn’t deal properly with non-ASCII characters when sending email. When a mixture of different character sets was present in a message a Japanese coding was chosen that most email reader don’t understand. Because I wanted to send emails with the €-sign I cooked up some code to make this work. The code was inspired by similar code in Gnus, the Emacs Usenet reader. (Some people also use gnus for their email but I prefer VM for that.)

Hello World, Hello 2008

I decided to give my private website a new look and a new function. The original look was nothing to boast about (see the original page) and its only function was to show some photos during our travels. So I decided to start a new look and a new contents, actually a new website but still on the same location.