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Upgrading WordPress and WPML

My blog site (i.e. this site) was in need of an update. I hadn’t updated WordPress for quite some time. The most important reason was that the site used Gengo to make it a multilingual site with corresponding posts in English and Dutch connected.

Converting WordPress from Gengo to WPML – part 2

In this post I am going to investigate the structure of categories and tags in WordPress.

Converting WordPress from Gengo to WPML – part 1

As I described in the posts about upgrading WordPress I am investigating automatic conversion from Gengo to WPML. Of course I searched in the WPML site and I found a few threads in the forum.

WordPress upgrade (2)

I have WordPress upgraded to 2.8.3 without problems. Just had to be careful about Gengo activation and the permalink refresh (see previous post). Some people have reported that Gengo wouldn’t be compatible with WordPress 2.8. With the patch that I mentioned in my previous post it does work however. But I must admit that I have been hacking in my copy of Gengo in the past so it could be that the official version still has problems that I don’t have any more.

Anyway, I think the Gengo situation is just too fragile. Therefore I am now investigating the WPML plugin. More about that in a later posting.

Update August 22, 2009: Although reading the site now seems to work with my patch to Gengo, I experience problems on the Admin page. Some of the popups don’t work e.g. in the `Edit a post’ page.

WordPress upgrade

About a week ago I upgraded my WordPress installation. Before I forget how it went I want to describe it here.

Bad interaction between Tiga theme and Gengo plugin

Suddenly Gengo doesn’t work anymore with the Tiga theme. When I deactivate Gengo it works. With Gengo and another theme it works. But with the Tiga theme and Gengo activated it doesn’t work: the pages are empty. Apparently somewhere php crashes then.

For the time being I decided to switch off Gengo.